club officers


Ed Pollack, Club President


My parents bought me a u-control plane at the Salvation Army rummage sale when I was 6 or 7 years old for about a dollar. I spent night after night at the kitchen table trying to make it start. I was obsessed with making that plane fly. Fifty-five years later owning an auto repair facility, garnering two Teaching Certifications from Temple University and the Department of Education, earning an ASE Gold Master Certification in Automotive Technology and Collision Repair Technology, the fascination of aviation and what makes those things fly is as interesting now as it was. Leadership skills, mechanical design and construction of model aircraft followed me throughout my career and intertwined with teaching. I have constructed a fleet of approximately twenty R/C planes and even have flown one or two.

Larry Smith


I always say I was born with a model airplane in hand. As a young boy I built every Monogram model available. At about 10 I started building free flight models with small gas (nitro) engines and flew them at a field adjacent to the local airport with the support of a great free flight modeler (Bill Tally). In the late 50’s I started flying R/C. At that time they where free flight type models that had their rudder controlled by radio known as single channel. I also took flying lessons and did become a pilot. This was done primarily to enhance my knowledge of flying the models. As time progressed and R/C became capable of controlling all the surfaces of aircraft I flew pattern airplanes and entered contest flying. That progressed to scale R/C aircraft and in 1973 entered the NATS at Lake Charles Louisiana in scale and placed second with a Zlin Acrobat. In the late 70’s I started building and flying model helicopters and later formed my own company ( Bolar Heli Research). It has been a long but very enjoyable and enlightening journey and now I am 78 and looking forward to much more!!! 

Kyle Snyder, Club Secretary

Got interested in flying RC aircraft around the age of ten. My mom saw an advertisement in the local paper about a RC Club having an air show. Turns out is was the Tuscarora RC Flying club. She thought it might be something I would like, I would be taking things apart to see what makes them work. As it turned out that planted the seed in me. When we got there I saw the planes and helicopters in the air. I knew one day I’d have a few of them. It took some time until it was feasible to buy and start flying RC. It first started out with some cheap foam profile planes for about a year or two. Then in the winter of 2014 I bought a simulator and devoted 15 mins a night until spring on learning how to fly a helicopter. Started out with electric 450 size helis to get the basics down then jumped right into the large 700 class helicopter with a 2-stroke gasoline engine. To me that is the way to go. The fuel is inexpensive, the engines last a long time, and you get 20 mins per flight on a tank of fuel. Since then been trying to get out to the field most weekends when the weather is nice to enjoy nature and the awesomeness that is RC heli flying. 

Fleet I presently have: Blade 270CFX, Align Trex 470lm, Thunder Tiger Raptor Nitro 30, Align Trex 700 Gasser, Miniature Aircraft Whiplash V2 700 Gasser 

Scott White

Flies  planes and makes toys for underprivileged kids 

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